Creative Development Consultancy


Many people think that simply writing a book or creating an online course is enough to start differentiating them from the market. BUT this leads to generic, me-too products that do nothing to help you stand out powerfully from the crowd.

A critical element in the journey from bland and generic to intriguing and valuable is the creation of unique intellectual property. Your system—or better, your paradigm—that revolutionises your clients’ perspectives and their ability to create much better results.

This is a three-part workshop. The first half-day is designed to mine your unique experience, expertise, insight and your personal purpose in business.

Then, based on all this, Martyn prepares a detailed paradigm structure that structures your knowledge and services within a unique-to-you approach that resonates powerfully with your ideal audience.

The second half-day session explores your paradigm in detail (which you can test and refine thereafter) and works through a process allowing you to create a detailed 5-year plan for products (from first book all the way through to franchise business, if desired).


  • The two half-day workshops  take place online
  • Slots: 9am-1pm with 30 min break or 1-5pm with 30-minute break
  • These workshops involve both Richard and Martyn (covering business strategy and creative strategy)
  • Preparatory work to be completed ahead of the scheduled workshop sessions
  • A personal online dashboard containing audio recordings of the workshops and tailored follow-up resources
  • A one-hour follow-up review meeting with Richard (online)
  • Three-month access to the online twice-monthly group mentoring and support sessions for authors


£3,000 payable when booking.

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