Richard Hagen:
Book Publisher/Transmedia Publisher/Podcaster/Presenter/Consultant

Richard Hagen:
Book Publisher/Transmedia Publisher/Podcaster/Presenter/Consultant

Scoop up the various flavours and discover how I help authors, experts, podcasters and event organisers publish your business brilliantly!

Did you meet me at a business event? Or hear me on a podcast? Read one of our books? Been in the audience when I’ve presented a particularly quirky, intriguing and thought-provoking presentation that buzzed in your brain for a few days afterwards? 

Or maybe you just stumbled across me, because Google knew we’d make a great team! 
Thanks for coming along to hagendoes.com to find out a little bit more! At mPowr Publishing we love a great play on words and, well, Hagen Does, it was just too good to miss. AND I love ice cream… 

Remember to sample all the flavours and figure out which is your favourite. (It is ok, no one is watching—so go on, lick that spoon clean!) 

Pecan Boo(k)

My publishing company (mPowr Limited) publishes books, eBooks and audiobooks of many different kinds: business non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, etc.

Cocoa Channel

Not only does my publishing business publish books, we also publish online courses, websites—we publish your business.

Vanilla Pods

If you are looking for a friendly, fun and valuable podcast guest, talk to me!

Preach Melba

Since the age of twelve I’ve always been up-front and on stage. Looking for a speaker?

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