Creative Development Consultancy

The Publisher Review

Your publisher review (via your own personal dashboard page online) includes:
  • An orientation video, helping you make the most of the review
  • Clear categorisation of the effectiveness of each area using this code:
    • red=needs significant refinement
    • amber=could be more effective with some work
    • green=very minor polishing needed or ready to go
  • Review of the strategic clarity of the project for:
    • The reader
    • The author
    • The author’s business
  • A categorised review of the manuscript as it stands:
    • Structure and flow
    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Tone/style
    • Stylistic quirks
    • Potholes
  • A categorised review of the underlying elements that develop connection with the reader and allow them to experience transformation:
    • Empathy
    • Authority
    • Ecosystem
    • Disruption
    • Paradigm
  • A downloadable version of the Publisher Review is also available from your dashboard page
  • Specific recommendations are made for each element of the review
  • Based on the information provided with your manuscript I will also prepare next step or publication options should you continue working with us


I set aside two slots for publisher reviews in the second and fourth weeks each month. Current availability is as follows (for the next three months). Nov ’23: Second and Fourth Dec ’23: Second and Fourth Jan ’24: Second and Fourth


When you pay for your Publisher Review, I will be in touch to set up your slot and make arrangements for you to send the information I need for the review. I need all this information 48 hours before the review is planned so that I can print everything out and have it all ready to work with on the day itself. Once the review is completed I will compile the report together with the recommendations and related publishing options. Then we will have a Zoom to step through the report together, making sure that each element is clear and you understand the recommendations and publication options. Typically we set up a one-hour Zoom to take place a week or so after the review so that I have time to complete the report, etc.

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