3-Hour Polish Your Presentation Workshop Online


This workshop is designed to boost the quality of your presentation, your confidence and ability to engage with your audience in the days before your presentation. It presumes that the core script/structure and slides (if being used) have been prepared ahead of the workshop. If help is needed with the planning phase (focused on understanding the audience and your core message and desired impact) or preparation stage (translating the agenda into an overall structure together with detailed script / mind map, etc.), ask Richard for other options.


  • The workshop takes place online (using Zoom)—if you are local to Glasgow, we may be able to do this in person (based on venue availability)
  • If the workshop is online, create a space where you can stand to deliver the presentation to camera (unless you are planning to sit at the computer for the presentation event itself)
  • Before the workshop you will send Richard the slides and script for the presentation
  • Richard will prepare the workshop one hour ahead of the Zoom time, reviewing the script, slides, etc.
  • The general format for the workshop is:
    • Full run-through of the presentation
    • General feedforward, highlighting 1-3 core areas for refinement for maximum impact
    • Focus on maximising engagement with the audience (props, quirkiness, memorable or stand-out messaging or activity)
    • Practical delivery skills or state management tools to help confidence and capability on the day
    • Run-through of the presentation noting tweaks, improvements, etc.
  • Access to the video/audio recording of the session afterward


£800 (when booking)


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