Not Pink Not Blue

Martyn S. Pentecost and Alex Casey

ISBN: 978-1-907282-75-1

Jayce is not pink.  

Jayce is not blue. 

Jayce cannot understand why Mummy and Daddy say Jayce is pink or blue. 

On a trip to the big city, Jayce is separated from their parents and is lost in the crowd. Thankfully, they meet Mozzarella, a very sparkly rodent, with a fierce attitude.  

Mozzarella sends Jayce on a magical adventure beyond the Big Black. In this enchanting realm they meet many others who help Jayce know not everyone is pink or blue. Some people have another story to share. 

Not Pink, Not Blue (Book One in The Sparkle of Dust Trilogy), tells the story of a young child who is starting to explore their gender. They realise along the way they do not conform to the world of binary thinking. A captivating adventure of self-discovery awaits Jayce as they learn that not everything is black and white, pink or blue.